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I am formerly Delta66

2009-08-31 22:47:03 by Deltizmo

(Actually this is me, LLL typing)

Hello, I just want everyone to know that I kinda let loose with Delta's password on his other account.. Anyways I made him a new one and I won't be shitting around with his password. Right now I'm trying to work to restore his account. He'll be uploading his cartoons yet again (so don't fucking whistle them) and I'll be helping him get his co authors back.
Yes, I'm the one who added hentai to his favorites and all that, it was a joke, he found it funny himself. Anyways I don't think I'll be fucking up this account. I'll just help around with things.

So yeah, I guess I'll hand it back over to Delta now. Or.. Deltizmo. Hey who knows, he may post something about stu--...

I am formerly Delta66


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2009-09-01 15:48:31

Lesson learned, don't be an ass.


2009-09-02 17:38:07

ok delt.

Job: Anal Crypt keeper LMFAO


2009-10-11 09:18:36



2009-10-14 22:22:39

my dicks veins disturb me